Data Cata­log

The ADVANEO Data Cata­log is a feli­xi­ble and scala­ble solu­tion for big data manage­ment equip­ped with state-of-the-art modules

Data Cata­log in video

The video shown here gives you a brief over­view of how the ADVANEO Data Cata­log functions

Struc­ture data sets and make them avail­able to user groups

Collect data and provide it with metadata

The ADVANEO Data Cata­log is a flexi­ble and  scala­ble soft­ware solu­tion to auto­mate meta­data manage­ment and make data colla­bo­ra­tive by mana­ging large amounts of data – inclu­ding tables, files and data­ba­ses – stored in their ERP,  e‑commerce systems as well as other sources like social media feeds combi­ned with holistic search tools.

User groups with finely granu­la­ted user rights

It enab­les you to easily  struc­ture your data­sets of any kind and to make them avail­able to diffe­rent user groups with settings for fine-grai­­ned autho­riz­a­tion handling.

Power­ful and DSGVO compliant

Mean­while, an auto­ma­ted, high-perfor­­mance system for struc­tu­ring and inter­nal cata­lo­guing of company data stocks in meta­data form is working in the back­ground. Unlike many cloud solu­ti­ons, for example, this enab­les secure and DSGVO-compli­ant hand­ling of inter­nal company data records.

Auto­ma­tic capture and cata­lo­guing of your data

As a fully confi­gura­ble big data solu­tion, the ADVANEO Data Cata­log supports and auto­ma­tes the capture and struc­tu­ring of data assets.

Fami­liar soft­ware modu­les and data sovereignty

For this purpose, we use diffe­rent open stack soft­ware inte­gra­ti­ons for extrac­ting tags, Clean­sing, Trans­for­ma­ti­ons etc.. Thus our solu­tion remains adap­ta­ble and many func­tions should already be fami­liar to your IT specia­lists. Further­more, you incre­ase the control over your own data.

Custo­miz­able presen­ta­tion of your data assets

The ADVANEO Data Cata­log is a central data cata­lo­gue in your company network that combi­nes data secu­rity and data sovereignty.

Meta­data in stan­dar­di­sed formats

It also enab­les the crea­tion of meta­data in a stan­dar­di­zed format via API, auto­ma­tic extrac­tion or directly via the confi­gura­ble user inter­face. Even large and complex data sets can be cata­logued quickly and effectively.

Making inter­nal data exchange more efficient

The ADVANEO Data Cata­log offers compa­nies and insti­tu­ti­ons of prac­ti­cally any size a simple way to manage inter­nal company know­ledge, improve colla­bo­ra­tion between the various depart­ments and thus extract signi­fi­cant added value from their data.

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