Asked – hunted! Looking for specialists

6. September 2018

A study by the Fraun­­ho­­fer-Gesel­l­­schaft on the subject of “Machine Lear­ning” (ML) shows a high demand for specia­lists in digi­tal tech­ni­ques and ML. “There is curr­ently a shor­tage of around 85,000 acade­mics with advan­ced data analy­sis and big data skills, parti­cu­larly in the medi­cal and engi­nee­ring fields. A further 10,000 IT specia­lists from the areas of Big Data, Advan­ced Analy­tics, Busi­ness Analy­tics and Data Science are needed.

Global compe­ti­tion and the predic­ted posi­tive market deve­lo­p­ment are exacer­ba­ting the shor­tage of skil­led workers. At the same time, more inter­di­sci­pli­nary skills must be taken into account in trai­ning and conti­nuing educa­tion than in the past. This ranges from the inclu­sion of legal to ethi­cal aspects. Current discus­sions about so-called dilemma situa­tions, e.g. in auto­ma­ted road traf­fic, high­light the need for inter­di­sci­pli­nary competences.

Adva­neo is also constantly on the lookout for suita­ble specia­lists. It is worth keeping a regu­lar eye on the job offers.

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