Cus­tomer jour­ney – a com­par­i­son that pays off

16. October 2018

For online retail­ers, it has long been a mat­ter of course to use the so-called cus­tomer jour­ney to gain an exact under­stand­ing of their own tar­get groups. Cus­tomer jour­ney describes the behav­iour of cus­tomers before, dur­ing and after the pur­chase. The same applies to the selec­tion of a suit­able and secure mar­ket­place, espe­cial­ly when it comes to shar­ing, sell­ing or buy­ing data.

Own data, often hid­den in silos, offer enor­mous poten­tial for new busi­ness mod­els and inno­va­tions. And this poten­tial increas­es many times over if data from oth­er com­pa­nies is also offered for exchange, pur­chase or sale. Data min­ing, closed user groups in a data mar­ket­place that guar­an­tees secu­ri­ty and espe­cial­ly data sov­er­eign­ty, is offered by the solu­tion of the Inter­na­tion­al Data Space Asso­ci­a­tion (IDS) with the cor­re­spond­ing sys­tem archi­tec­ture. For more infor­ma­tion order your white paper now: