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The Adva­neo data market­place; the path to growth, inno­va­tion, new busi­ness models, or the star­ting point for a goal-orien­ted, virtual ideas compe­ti­tion, the Data­thon. A market­place for busi­nes­ses and data profes­sio­nals, mapped in a distri­bu­ted system.

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The Adva­neo data marketplace

How data crea­tes new values
In an inter­nal data market­place for compa­nies, files that are often dormant in data silos are brought back to life. Avail­able to employees as meta­data in the context of data gover­nance, for example, for an instanta­ne­ous exchange between marke­ting and sales, purcha­sing and produc­tion, or between multi­ple produc­tion sites.

At the same time, this opens up the possi­bi­lity of data exchange with exter­nal part­ners. Share or mone­tise and license with the aim of initia­ting new busi­ness models, inno­va­tions or new collaborations.

Whether access to your data is inter­nal or world­wide, thanks to the archi­tec­ture of the Inter­na­tio­nal Datas­pace Asso­cia­tion (IDS), data sover­eig­nty is ensu­red. All user data remains decen­tra­li­sed at the data provi­der, whereas meta­data appears exclu­si­vely on the data marketplace.

A data market­place
of endless possibilities

The Adva­neo data market­place offers a multi­la­te­ral offer; inter­nal or exter­nal data exchange, or colla­bo­ra­tion in inter­nal, exter­nal or closed user groups (CUG). Only the data provi­der has sole decision-making authority.

In addi­tion, a shop-in-shop offer can be set up, i.e. compa­nies can also open their own shop in the data market­place based on the certi­fied Adva­neo IT infra­st­ruc­ture and the offer of the scaled marke­ting effect of Adva­neo data marketplace.

At the same time, Adva­neo provi­des an open-data-coll­ec­­tion service that is world­wide and of unpre­ce­den­ted quan­tity and quality.

The clearly struc­tu­red offer of the Adva­neo data market­place enab­les quick and easy access: Sear­ched for and found! This ensu­res defi­ned and control­led data usage for the data provider. 


With the Adva­neo data market­place, you can open data silos. Your data beco­mes a payload once more and supports you in real time as a valu­able decision aid.


Exter­nal data exchange with part­ners also ensu­res data sover­eig­nty and data usage control.


The claim of data secu­rity is guaran­teed by the archi­tec­ture certi­fied by the Fraun­ho­fer Institute.


All data remains decen­tra­li­sed at the respec­tive data provi­der. The market­place only displays meta­data and exten­sive open data acces­si­ble to all regis­tered participants.

Your gate­way to the world of open data

Milli­ons of open data items are avail­able free of charge to each parti­ci­pant. They provide the user with prepa­red meta­data descrip­ti­ons, which, above all, allow quick access without time-consuming sear­ching. A look at a selec­tion of exis­ting topic categories:

Economy and finance
Economy and finance
Geospatial and property
Geos­pa­tial and property
Justice, legal system and public safety
Justice, legal system and public safety
Science and technology
Science and technology
Government and public sector
Government and public sector
Population and society
Popu­la­tion and society
Employment and social welfare
Employ­ment and social welfare
Education, culture and sport
Educa­tion, culture and sport
Information and communication
Infor­ma­tion and communication
Agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food
Agri­cul­ture, fishe­ries, fores­try and food
Regions and cities
Regi­ons and cities


data market­place

The Adva­neo data market­place connects compa­nies with data experts world­wide. Whether looking for how to use your own data or data-driven inno­va­tion, Adva­neo orga­ni­ses, accom­pa­nies and supports compe­ti­ti­ons for ideas for the best solutions.

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