Digi­tal plat­forms – The new mono­po­lies – helpless deli­ve­red or incen­tive to own initiative?

18. September 2018

There are only a few compa­nies like Google, Face­book and Co. that suck and collect data world­wide around the clock and with their digi­tal plat­forms domi­nate more and more entire sectors of the global economy. The power of the digi­tal super­powers poses great chal­len­ges to the tradi­tio­nal economy. In order not to be at the mercy of helpless­ness, one has to find one’s own ways in order not to fidget as a small fish in the network of the big ones.

Buil­ding and using one’s own plat­forms, such as an inter­nal / exter­nal data market­place, is an obvious answer to the threat of mono­po­liz­a­tion of some data octo­pu­ses. Data market­pla­ces based on the refe­rence system archi­tec­ture of the Inter­na­tio­nal Data Spaces Asso­cia­tion offer secu­rity and protec­tion for a regu­la­ted data exchange or purchase and sale of data. The more parti­ci­pants there are, the grea­ter the success. And all this without beco­m­ing depen­dent on new monopolies.