Drones – “Inter­net of Flying Things”

26. September 2018

The drones are coming. Very quickly, they have evol­ved from toys to commer­ci­ally viable tools. Mini heli­c­op­ters, which are repla­cing the parcel carrier, are alre­ady in the test phase. Comple­tely new possi­bi­li­ties are opening up for compa­nies to obtain data on public spaces with high precis­ion and at low cost.

For exam­ple, agri­cul­ture: drones provide farmers with very detailed infor­ma­tion on the condi­tion of fields and plants. At the same time, they control auto­no­mously moving trac­tors for ferti­li­sa­tion or sowing.

In the cons­truc­tion indus­try, drones are used for imple­men­ta­tion control. They create more safety at the work­place by reli­e­ving people of dange­rous tasks, e.g. checking radio masts. The areas of appli­ca­tion tend towards infi­nity, up to the taxi drone for passen­ger transport.

Howe­ver, the use of drones in Germany is subject to the Air Traf­fic Act, which still prescri­bes a number of rest­ric­tions on opera­tion. Night flights, flights over people or flights outside one’s own field of vision are not permitted.