Data driven addons created the King of Real Estate Market


Analysing open data sources linked to internal data sources transform business decisions and strategies. It ultimately leads to reduced expenses, increased revenues and excellent customer satisfaction. Immobilienscout24 is an online company that provides a platform for anyone to buy, sell or rent property. There were a number of competitors with similar offerings but one key factor sets Immobilienscout24 above others. They have made good use of open data sources to provide best customer experience for visitors on their platform.

Datasets used

Immobilienscout24 has leveraged on open data to provide added on services in your property search. Open data provided by the government to include location of the nearest trains station, bus stop, Pharmacy and grocery stores. This helps customers to know the proximity to key social amenities including kindergartens from the property being considered. With this information Immobilienscout24 is now able to offer additional services based on insight gained from open data to finance institutions, provide suggestions to sellers and provide key insight to other companies on their platform.

Advaneo Data Marketplace

The scenario described above is not as easy and straightforward as it seems. It involves extensive amount of data mining, verification and cleaning. This could take up to 80% of the task required before correlation and deciding if the dataset is relevant for a specific task or not. This usually can take months of exhaustive search. The Advaneo market place provides a seamless solution as it is

Easy to Use: In a few clicks, get the required dataset you need for your research, project, market analysis or new business model.

Expands Your View: The data market place will provide you with a set of complementary relevant datasets to understand trends seen in your analysis.

No Overheads: Each dataset already reveals a set of metadata including the provider and license. All datasets have verified end points.


Today, a key part of Immobilienscout24’s workforce are data scientists. Over the last decade, the company has grown from being a newcomer to now having 7 million users per month on their site with a large share than all their competitors combined.

Not all companies have the resources to have a dedicated department of data scientist who spend 80% of their time searching and sorting through data sets. They can now leverage on the Advaneo market place to achieve similar results with just a few clicks.

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