Digital incapacitation?

9. October 2018

Data security and data sovereignty are the hotly debated topics this year. Scandals surrounding Facebook or Google are fueling mistrust and increasing uncertainty. Many users are of the opinion that their movement and usage data can be “public” because they have nothing to hide. And they are unconsciously falling into the trap of data hunters and collectors and exposing themselves to the danger of being manipulated and more or less incapacitated. For companies, data transparency is a horror scenario, they rightly fear for their competitiveness and the loss of their specific know-how built up over many years.

At the same time, digital transformation is progressing inexorably. Foreclosure would mean saying goodbye to the market in the short or medium term at the latest. Experience shows, however, that counter-models, currently also for data octopuses, are constantly developing.  Today, data can be traded on the “free market” without falling into digital data traps. With the appropriate architecture, data can be used internally and externally without having to fear a loss of control. More information can be found in the Advaneo data marketplace, just a click away.