Digi­tal incapacitation?

9. October 2018

Data secu­rity and data sover­eig­nty are the hotly deba­ted topics this year. Scan­dals surroun­ding Face­book or Google are fueling mistrust and incre­a­sing uncer­tainty. Many users are of the opinion that their move­ment and usage data can be “public” because they have nothing to hide. And they are uncon­sciously falling into the trap of data hunters and collec­tors and expo­sing them­sel­ves to the danger of being mani­pu­la­ted and more or less inca­pa­ci­ta­ted. For compa­nies, data trans­pa­rency is a horror scen­a­rio, they rightly fear for their compe­ti­ti­ve­ness and the loss of their speci­fic know-how built up over many years.

At the same time, digi­tal trans­for­ma­tion is progres­sing inexor­ably. Fore­clo­sure would mean saying good­bye to the market in the short or medium term at the latest. Expe­ri­ence shows, howe­ver, that coun­­­ter-models, curr­ently also for data octo­pu­ses, are constantly deve­lo­ping.  Today, data can be traded on the “free market” without falling into digi­tal data traps. With the appro­priate archi­tec­ture, data can be used intern­ally and extern­ally without having to fear a loss of control. More infor­ma­tion can be found in the Adva­neo data market­place, just a click away.

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