Lean manage­ment through smart products

25. September 2018

Smart products allow proces­ses to be opti­mi­zed and stream­li­ned. The result: a much more produc­tive use of raw mate­ri­als, energy and plant, to name just a few examples.

The data provi­ded by smart products allows a comple­tely new type of lean manage­ment, as they open up count­less opti­miz­a­tion possi­bi­li­ties along the entire value chain. Inte­gra­ted sensors detect, for example, the need for main­ten­ance or repair and thus prevent a possi­ble produc­tion stop­page or loss of produc­tion. They opti­mize or reduce energy consump­tion and acce­le­rate a smooth produc­tion process. New data analy­ses, which can also be anony­mi­zed with Crypto tech­no­logy and thus carried out and analy­zed across all opera­ti­ons, lead to incre­a­ses in effi­ci­ency that were previously not possible.

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