Machine learning – ml not only for machines

14. September 2018

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are on the advance. However, the “masterminds and executors” must not be forgotten. ML also means that employees learn and use their natural intelligence. Transformation begins in the mind, only when acceptance has been created here can digital transformation lead to the goal. The belief in software and hardware alone is not enough to make the leap to “Industry 4.0”.

There is often talk of an internal transformation in order to be able to implement the formation of new business models, new cooperations or innovations at all.

“In order to successfully shape the digital future, agility, speed, creativity and not least a venture mindset are required,” says Jürgen Bretfeld, CEO of Advaneo GmbH. These are requirements that even the largest data pool cannot meet on its own.

Only the correct utilization and use of existing data as well as data acquired from outside will result in agility and speed with which machine and human learning lead to the greatest possible efficiency.