Machine lear­ning – ml not only for machines

14. September 2018

Machine lear­ning and arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence are on the advance. Howe­ver, the “master­minds and execu­tors” must not be forgot­ten. ML also means that employees learn and use their natu­ral intel­li­gence. Trans­for­ma­tion begins in the mind, only when accep­tance has been crea­ted here can digi­tal trans­for­ma­tion lead to the goal. The belief in soft­ware and hard­ware alone is not enough to make the leap to “Indus­try 4.0”.

There is often talk of an inter­nal trans­for­ma­tion in order to be able to imple­ment the forma­tion of new busi­ness models, new coope­ra­ti­ons or inno­va­tions at all.

“In order to successfully shape the digi­tal future, agility, speed, crea­ti­vity and not least a venture mind­set are requi­red,” says Jürgen Bret­feld, CEO of Adva­neo GmbH. These are requi­re­ments that even the largest data pool cannot meet on its own.

Only the correct utiliza­tion and use of exis­ting data as well as data acqui­red from outside will result in agility and speed with which machine and human lear­ning lead to the grea­test possi­ble efficiency.