Quali­ty­Land or end of quality?

11. October 2018

As recently repor­ted on German tele­vi­sion about a digi­tal surveil­lance project in a Chinese city, in which every citi­zen is rated with posi­tive or nega­tive points, one should believe, George Orwell orders gree­tings from 1984. A current version Orwell now offers the sati­ri­cal novel “QUALITYLAND “By Mark Uwe Kling, whose reading often leaves one laug­hing in the throat. Howe­ver, reality has long been much further, as Shosana Zuboff explains in detail in her new book “The Age of Surveil­lance Capitalism”.

Google and Co. are suck­ing in milli­ons of data from our private lives every day without worry­ing about privacy or privacy. The busi­ness model is the predic­ta­bi­lity of our doing and letting with the goal to induce us to the desi­red purcha­ses etc. For Google and other data octopi an infi­nite marke­ting tool to gene­rate billi­ons in profits. In order to be able to take coun­ter­mea­su­res in good time, it is not only necessary to have a corre­spon­ding set of rules but also suita­ble system archi­tec­tures that guaran­tee data protec­tion and data sovereignty.

(Mark Uwe Kling: Qual­ty­Land, Ullstein Publi­shing House, publis­hed in German only; Shoshana Zuboff: The Age of Super­vi­sion Capi­ta­lism, Campus Publi­shing; The Age of Surveil­lance Capi­ta­lism, 2019 Public Affairs, New York)

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