QualityLand or end of quality?

11. October 2018

As recently reported on German television about a digital surveillance project in a Chinese city, in which every citizen is rated with positive or negative points, one should believe, George Orwell orders greetings from 1984. A current version Orwell now offers the satirical novel “QUALITYLAND “By Mark Uwe Kling, whose reading often leaves one laughing in the throat. However, reality has long been much further, as Shosana Zuboff explains in detail in her new book “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism”.

Google and Co. are sucking in millions of data from our private lives every day without worrying about privacy or privacy. The business model is the predictability of our doing and letting with the goal to induce us to the desired purchases etc. For Google and other data octopi an infinite marketing tool to generate billions in profits. In order to be able to take countermeasures in good time, it is not only necessary to have a corresponding set of rules but also suitable system architectures that guarantee data protection and data sovereignty.

(Mark Uwe Kling: QualtyLand, Ullstein Publishing House, published in German only; Shoshana Zuboff: The Age of Supervision Capitalism, Campus Publishing; The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, 2019 Public Affairs, New York)