A Secure and Efficient Industrial Process using Predictive Maintenance


As the industrial applications for IoT and machine to machine communication are becoming commonplace, industries need to ensure the costs of deploying, maintenance and administrative overheads do not outweigh the potential benefits. Existing industries seek migration strategy towards Industry 4.0 ready systems. This could mean having heterogeneous control systems, new machine models working in tandem with previous models and ensuring higher level of data security.  How can we ensure efficient data aggregation so all models seamlessly communicate with each other?

Consider a manufacturing plant that packages medical equipment with an existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. When an error is detected on the robotic packing and palletizing unit, how will this affect production output?

Datasets used

Relying on state of the art SCADA systems is a reactive approach and could lead to loss of time and revenue. A predictive maintenance solution gathers the data logs from the SCADA units and correlates it with other external datasets such as temperature, number of units produced, anonymised error reports from similar models and planned production schedule. Applying machine learning algorithms on the aggregated datasets will help efficient forecasting and preparation of remedy actions even before they appear on your SCADA systems. Such an approach is feasible with a data marketplace.

Advaneo Data Marketplace

When dealing with sensitive data in a manufacturing industry, privacy and security of data becomes paramount. An internal marketplace (i.e. the Advaneo data marketplace) ensures no data is transported outside your internal network. Device manufacturers can receive metadata (standard data description) before deciding which datasets will be relevant. Furthermore, the Advaneo Data Marketplace serves as a broker to ensure heterogeneous data systems, equipment with different data formats can seamless exchange data without the need for yet another additional black box. The Advaneo data marketplace offers:

Internal MarketPlace: A customised internal market place is designed for your unique scenarios. This further ensures description of datasets available to sales, marketing, logistics & transportation, returns and new orders, can all be visible on a single internal platform. No need to upload company data to some cloud service. Having 100% data governance is more important than ever before.

Closed User Groups: In a specific production cycle, the option to create a Closed User Group (CUG) helps more visibility and coordinated planning among everyone involved including commercial, design, production monitoring, quality control and delivery units. Datasets are made visible to all required teams and the CUG can be ended at the expiration of the production sprint.

Security and Privacy: Majority of smart machinery used in industry export data directly to manufacturers in form of system log files error log reports. This is a high risk and loss of privacy control. The data marketplace broker ensures data sovereignty and control of all data generated by your machines within your premises. By having control, if, when and how a direct exchange between your systems and the equipment vendors or any third party occurs or not.


As all companies begin their migration towards smart industry or industry 4.0, generating new data to help decision making process is vital. However only companies who focus of proactive strategies based on predictive system will gain the most benefits. As data generated in your factories becomes trade secrets, data privacy and security cannot be overemphasised. The Advaneo data marketplace is designed to ensure a perfect balance between data driven industrial revolution and highest possible level of security and privacy.

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