Comfort and Safety in next genera­tion of data driven Automobiles


A car is no longer just a car. It is an enter­tain­ment system, a commu­ni­ca­tion tool and a friend. In order to make this expe­ri­ence safer and more rela­xing for drivers and passen­gers, auto-cruise func­tions were intro­du­ced which have evol­ved to adap­tive auto-cruise where radar data is used to deter­mine distance to the next car for regu­la­ting the braking system. The success of this has led to the intro­duc­tion of fully auto­no­mous driv­er­less cars. To make such systems func­tio­nal, car manu­fac­tu­rers need a lot of data to be conti­nuously linked and analy­sed. How are such data gathe­red, stored and shared without viola­ting data privacy laws, how do you ensure owners­hip rights yet allowing seam­less access to impro­ving system performance?

Data­sets used

NVIDIA already announ­ced that the new Audi A8 will be using the NVIDIA Drive Pega­sus – its latest arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence compu­ter for auto­no­mous driving. It is capa­ble of deli­vering 320 tril­lion opera­ti­ons per second. Intel also esti­ma­tes 4 tera­bytes of data per day will be collec­ted by a single car. How are such data stored, shared, exch­an­ged and who owns the data? The car owner or the car manu­fac­tu­rer? These data­sets include driver beha­viour, perso­na­li­sed enter­tain­ment settings, frequent route and times, weather condi­ti­ons, road slip­pery condi­ti­ons, real time traf­fic infor­ma­tion in addi­tion to car engine state.

Adva­neo Data Marketplace

To ensure trust, privacy and trans­pa­rency an inde­pen­dent broker should be used to allow exchange of these data­sets with trus­ted parties. With a connec­­tor-based service and iden­tity manage­ment, users can trade the data they gene­rate with each ride. The Adva­neo data market­place offers:

Broker Service: This allows user data gene­ra­ted by the car to be seam­lessly exch­an­ged with car manu­fac­tu­rer, enter­tain­ment company, mobile phone provi­der and insurance company. The process for authen­ti­ca­tion, payment and billing, setting up contracts with each entity can be hand­led by our broker service.

Closed User Groups: Simi­lar to the broker service, the user data gene­ra­ted from the car may need to be shared with car repair work­shop. This will provide more effi­ci­ent expert diagnostic and repair. For such an inci­dent, a closed user group between the repair work­shop, insurance company and car manu­fac­tu­rer can be crea­ted. This colla­bo­ra­tion and seam­less exchange of histo­ri­cal data rela­ting to the tech­ni­cal perfor­mance of the car and speci­fic parts stays directly between members of the group.

Secu­rity and Privacy: With the tran­si­tion to data driven auto­no­mous cars, secu­rity and privacy needs to be the core requi­re­ment in deci­ding how data will be exch­an­ged. Misma­nage­ment of car data could directly lead to fata­lity. The Adva­neo market­place not only limits direct trans­fer of data between veri­fied trus­ted parties but also enfor­ces usage control.


With the great tech­no­logy advan­ce­ment in the car indus­try, driving or letting your car drive will lead to comfort, effi­ci­ent jour­ney times and safer commute. It also gene­ra­tes new chal­len­ges around data owners­hip, gover­nance, secu­rity and privacy. These solu­ti­ons cannot be addons but have to be inte­gra­ted in the over­all system design. Our exper­tise in imple­men­ting solu­ti­ons based on the Inter­na­tio­nal Data Space (IDS) archi­tec­ture will provide the best plat­form for safer more comfor­ta­ble exchange of auto­mo­bile data while being in control of how such data is used.

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