Comfort and Safety in next generation of data driven Automobiles


A car is no longer just a car. It is an entertainment system, a communication tool and a friend. In order to make this experience safer and more relaxing for drivers and passengers, auto-cruise functions were introduced which have evolved to adaptive auto-cruise where radar data is used to determine distance to the next car for regulating the braking system. The success of this has led to the introduction of fully autonomous driverless cars. To make such systems functional, car manufacturers need a lot of data to be continuously linked and analysed. How are such data gathered, stored and shared without violating data privacy laws, how do you ensure ownership rights yet allowing seamless access to improving system performance?

Datasets used

NVIDIA already announced that the new Audi A8 will be using the NVIDIA Drive Pegasus – its latest artificial intelligence computer for autonomous driving. It is capable of delivering 320 trillion operations per second. Intel also estimates 4 terabytes of data per day will be collected by a single car. How are such data stored, shared, exchanged and who owns the data? The car owner or the car manufacturer? These datasets include driver behaviour, personalised entertainment settings, frequent route and times, weather conditions, road slippery conditions, real time traffic information in addition to car engine state.

Advaneo Data Marketplace

To ensure trust, privacy and transparency an independent broker should be used to allow exchange of these datasets with trusted parties. With a connector-based service and identity management, users can trade the data they generate with each ride. The Advaneo data marketplace offers:

Broker Service: This allows user data generated by the car to be seamlessly exchanged with car manufacturer, entertainment company, mobile phone provider and insurance company. The process for authentication, payment and billing, setting up contracts with each entity can be handled by our broker service.

Closed User Groups: Similar to the broker service, the user data generated from the car may need to be shared with car repair workshop. This will provide more efficient expert diagnostic and repair. For such an incident, a closed user group between the repair workshop, insurance company and car manufacturer can be created. This collaboration and seamless exchange of historical data relating to the technical performance of the car and specific parts stays directly between members of the group.

Security and Privacy: With the transition to data driven autonomous cars, security and privacy needs to be the core requirement in deciding how data will be exchanged. Mismanagement of car data could directly lead to fatality. The Advaneo marketplace not only limits direct transfer of data between verified trusted parties but also enforces usage control.


With the great technology advancement in the car industry, driving or letting your car drive will lead to comfort, efficient journey times and safer commute. It also generates new challenges around data ownership, governance, security and privacy. These solutions cannot be addons but have to be integrated in the overall system design. Our expertise in implementing solutions based on the International Data Space (IDS) architecture will provide the best platform for safer more comfortable exchange of automobile data while being in control of how such data is used.

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