Smart and Proac­tive Health Insurance Companies


The insurance sector has been one the biggest use of data for deca­des. Speci­fi­cally, health insurance compa­nies whose busi­ness model invol­ves a prepaid monthly contri­bu­tion from members. When a health inci­dence occurs, payments are made to the hospi­tals, Doctors, reha­bi­li­ta­tion clinics and outpa­ti­ent care. This reac­tive approach is gradu­ally chan­ging. Health insurance compa­nies now want to predict if and when their clients will fall sick, how often and at what time in the year. Even more import­antly, what proac­tive measu­res can they take to prevent or mini­mise health rela­ted incidences?

Data­sets used

To provide the best service to their custo­mers, insurance compa­nies try to under­stand the life­style, beha­viou­ral patterns and acti­vi­ties of their clients. By corre­la­ting anony­mi­sed, histo­ri­cal perso­nal health records with other exter­nal data sources, this is now possi­ble. Exter­nal data such as rela­tive humi­dity, tempe­ra­ture, solar radia­tion and parti­cle mater sensors can detect amount of pollen in the air and provide warning to indi­vi­du­als who are aller­gic to it. User physi­cal acti­vity and eating habits can provide useful data­sets for predic­ting pati­ents prone to obesity or high blood pres­sure. Further­more, flu and other conta­gious dise­a­ses can be mapped around offices, and public meeting places to help indi­vi­du­als take more hygie­nic precautions.

Adva­neo Data Marketplace

Health insurance compa­nies will have access to over a million data­sets on popu­la­tion distri­bu­tion, loca­tion of hospi­tals and health­care centres and air quality data to alert their custo­mers how best to stay healthy. The Adva­neo data market­place offers:

Secu­rity and Privacy: Dealing with such medi­cal data is very sensi­tive and requi­res the highest possi­ble levels of privacy. How can insurance compa­nies get access to such data to create preven­tive solu­ti­ons and programs? The Adva­neo data market­place provi­des a broker service such that no data is stored by third parties. The exchange of data­sets only exists between trus­ted entities.

Broker Service: Indi­vi­du­als with acti­vity apps and weara­bles can regu­larly log data on their mobile phones, and weara­bles. Such data­sets are a great source of infor­ma­tion which can be anony­mi­sed and seam­less traded by the data gene­ra­tor to the health insurance companies.

Closed User Groups: Insurance compa­nies can create closed user groups with other stake­hol­ders who have air quality data, sports and acti­vity apps, so that meta­data is visi­ble only to these users in order to initiate possi­ble direct exchange of data. An added feature is that such closed groups can leverage on data­sets we have gathe­red and already processed.


Health insurance compa­nies have trans­for­med from their tradi­tio­nal role as health bill sett­le­ments to proac­tively using data to predict and suggest preven­tive measu­res for their clients to stay healthy. As this trend grows, data privacy and data gover­nance issues cannot be igno­red. Using the Adva­neo data market­place helps compa­nies to meet these privacy requi­re­ments while offe­ring addon service to their clients to stay healthy.

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