Vision impossible? Autonomous driving

19. September 2018

The fully automated robot car, a moving computer, will conquer our roads. The manufacturers promise relaxed driving, especially greater road safety. Nevertheless, surveys and studies show very different attitudes to autonomous driving, e.g. between Europe and Asia.

Acceptance in Germany and France, two major European automotive industry nations, is still well below 50%. So the confidence is not yet too high. In India and China, on the other hand, the figures are 80 % and more. While the traffic in megacities there is like daily madness and the self-propelled mobile promises relief, one does not want to hand over the wheel to so quickly in Europe. The latest software scandals are likely to contribute to a car full of software being rather suspicious.

Reliability and data security are therefore basic prerequisites for building trust. Our current use case “Comfort and safety in next-generation data-controlled vehicles” shows how this can work.